Car Samsung October 18, 2023

Samsung Galaxy Store Car Theme Collection

Welcome to our unique and visually stunning collection on the Samsung Galaxy Store – Car Collection! We proudly present to you a range of creative and diverse themes that will give your phone a fresh and distinctive look.

1. Highway Journeys:

If you have a passion for speed and the modern aesthetics of highway journeys, our collection will immerse you in a world of uniquely designed cars, speeding like the wind on vast open roads.

2. Vibrant Color Themes:

Enjoy the diversity of our color-themed collection, from subtle and sophisticated hues to bold and vibrant shades. Join us to experience a range of unique colors on every car theme.

3. Futuristic Car:

Explore the future through our eyes with the Futuristic Car themes. Cars with advanced designs and cutting-edge technology will give you the sensation of driving a vehicle from the future.

Our collection goes beyond just customizing cars; it’s about creating a lively and sophisticated graphic experience on your phone. Try it out and enjoy the fresh space we bring to your mobile workspace. Experience the Car Collection today on the Samsung Galaxy Store!


Create a car theme for the Samsung Galaxy Store that unifies the visual system for our advertising agency

  • Strategy

    Brand, UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction

  • Client

    Samsung Galaxy Store

  • Tags

    car, samsung galaxy

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