Samsung Xmas November 1, 2023

Samsung Galaxy Store Xmas Collection

Discover the magic of the holiday season with our enchanting Christmas Collection. Immerse yourself in a festive world filled with whimsical themes, capturing the essence of the most wonderful time of the year.

1. Festive Ornaments Extravaganza:

Transform your Samsung Galaxy device into a festive wonderland with our Ornament Extravaganza theme. Adorn your screen with a delightful array of Christmas decorations, bringing the spirit of joy and celebration to your fingertips.

2. Cozy Fireplace Moments:

Experience the warmth and coziness of the holidays with our Cozy Fireplace theme. Set the scene with crackling flames and festive decor, creating a virtual fireplace ambiance right on your device.

3. Enchanted Winter Forest:

Step into an Enchanted Winter Forest with this theme, where snow-covered trees and magical creatures transport you to a realm of holiday fantasies. Let the serene beauty of this winter wonderland captivate your screen.

4. Nutcracker Dreamscape:

Embark on a journey to a land of whimsy with our Nutcracker Dreamscape theme. Inspired by the classic tale, this theme brings to life the enchanting world of sugarplum fairies and toy soldiers, adding a touch of ballet magic to your device.

Each theme in our Christmas Collection is a festive masterpiece, designed to spread holiday cheer and create a joyful digital experience. Embrace the magic of the season and adorn your Samsung Galaxy device with these delightful Christmas themes. Happy holidays!


Create a captivating and festive 'Christmas' theme collection for the Samsung Galaxy Store, offering users a delightful experience during the holiday season. The collection aims to encompass various Christmas elements, featuring themes centered around festive ornaments, cozy fireplace moments, an enchanted winter forest, and the whimsical Nutcracker Dreamscape.

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